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We clean windows using pure water, and a water fed pole cleaning system. Pure water window cleaning is the safe, effective and environmentally friendly way to clean your windows as no cleaning chemicals are used. This method leaves you with a spotless finish every time due to the purification process which removes all the minerals and impurities found in regular tap water.


Regular booking or one-off cleans


No More Streaks: Enjoy crystal-clear views, no more frustrating streaks or spots.


Complete Clean: Immaculate windows, sills, and frames.


Eco-Friendly: Our pure water method is safe and does not use chemicals.


We can clean 3rd storey windows and above conservatories. 



- Our minimum price is £12 for regular 6 weekly cleaning and for a single one off clean the minimum is £25

- The first clean with us can add up to 50% depending on how much dirt and algae has built up since they were cleaned previously.

- Our prices are calculated per window on the property. The final price is subject to viewing the property, however if you want to estimate the cost use the prices below to do so. 

Small £0.50

Medium £1.00

Large £1.50

X-Large £2.00

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