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Solar Panels

The Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning


Increased Efficiency: Clean panels capture more sunlight, leading to higher energy production, reducing your energy bills.

Quick ROI: Improved efficiency accelerates your return on investment

Longevity: Cleaning prevents dirt and debris build up that can affect panel lifespan.

Environmental Impact: Clean panels operate efficiently, contributing to a greener footprint.

How Are Solar Panels Cleaned?

We clean solar panels using the water fed poles,brushes and materials we use for window cleaning as they are very soft and designed to prevent scratches on glass. We also use the same pure water so you can be sure there are no spots left to catch dirt in the air. Where possible we will avoid the use of any cleaning chemicals on your panels, if we do have to use cleaners, they are dedicated solar panel cleaning chemicals and we use them sparingly. Your panels will then be thoroughly rinsed to ensure there is nothing left behind.


- We charge £90 for the first 16 panels and then £5 per panel after that. Discounts are available for regular cleaning.

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