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The Benefits of Render Cleaning
Effective Restoration: Cleaning can restore the original colour and vibrancy of faded or discoloured render

Extended Longevity: Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and pollutants that can degrade render over time. 

Preserved Structural Integrity: Removing organic growth and debris helps maintain the integrity of the render. 

Increased Property Value: Well-maintained render contributes to higher property value and market attractiveness.

Savings on Repairs: Routine cleaning prevents potential damage, reducing the need for costly repairs. 

How is render cleaned?

The method used for cleaning rendered walls varies depending on both the type of render used and the type of organic growth or staining. Every job requires a tailored mix of chemicals and biocides to achieve the correct results and get your render clean, which is why each property will require an assessment of the render.

We commonly use a technique called soft washing to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime, and organic build-up from your render, restoring it to its original look. Soft washing involves the application of specialized cleaners to the surface, which kill and organic growth. The solution is then agitated and rinsed away, leaving the surface clean.



Factors Affecting Render Cleaning Cost

Render cleaning costs depends on render type, amount of growth and staining, building size, and property location.

  • Building Size: Larger buildings require more time and resources.

  • Type of Render: Different render types require different cleaning methods which have different costs involved.

  • Extent of Staining or Soiling: Heavy growth or severely stained render may require additional treatments or specialized cleaning methods.

  • Location of Property: Hard-to-reach locations, such as high-rise buildings or remote properties, may require specialized equipment and more time, increasing the cost. 

We have a minimum fee of £350 for any render cleaning work carried out.

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